University of Dayton


Ph.D. Researcher

❶As a researcher in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, I am currently working on employing the active subspace method (ASM) on Ducted wind turbines to discover and exploit low-dimensional, monotonic trends in the quantity of interest as a function of the design. This will allow finding an optimal design with reduced computational cost.

Roadmap of the current research.

❷Vertical axis wind turbines such as Darrieus turbines are a very interesting type of wind turbines, but this type for turbines has a low performance compared to horizontal axis wind turbines. Therefore, further research work is needed to increase its performance to match the higher demand of the power generation in small-scale applications. The main target of the current work is to increase the output power coefficient Cp of a straight-bladed Darrieus wind turbine (H-rotor) using OpenFOAM and the Genetic Algorithm.

Lab Instructor

My experience here will be provided at the end of April 2019

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