ICON Technology & Process Consulting

As a consultant CFD engineer, my duties are as following;

  1. Planning and Delivery Numerical Simulations
  • Planning and set-up of simulations including geometry preparation and mesh generation as defined by customer requirements.
  • Analysis, assessment and troubleshooting of simulation results.                  
  • Comparison of simulation and experimental results.
  • Documentation of simulation results in presentations and reports                                                          
  • Development, recording and reporting of best practices as required                                                       
  • Development and application of CFD methods and models according to customer needs                  
  • Delivering consultancy projects.
  • Data archiving                                                                                                                                                      

2. Delivery of Support & Training

  • Customization of software in accordance with customer needs                                                                
  • Proactive delivery of user support to customers both remotely and/or on-site                                     
  • Delivery of training to customers both remotely and/or on-site                                                                
  • Proactive interaction with customers to ensure client satisfaction                     
  • Software installations and systems support                                    
  • Coordination and support to development team in resolving software bugs                                         
  • Flag and communicate to management any matters of concern                                                             

Customer Communication & Collaboration

  • Work closely with customers and related parties to identify and communicate simulation requirements and results
  • Communicate regularly with customers to ensure objectives are fully identified and understood  and any variations to project definition are communicated
  • Serve as a key point-of-contact for customers
  • Assess & resolve customer issues and technical problems with support of delivery team colleagues where required
  • Resolve issues related to the process, usability, and application of tools.

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